Best Investment in Construction – Harrisonburg Architect

Thinking about renovating, paying too much for your heating / cooling bill, want to build new, where do you start?  There is plenty of information out there about how you can go “green.”  So how do you decide what to do? How do you find the expert to trust? You have to do it through conversation, building relationships, and education. As a professional in the industry, I have to stay in front of the curve as new information is released, as new testing is completed, and as new theories are tested. It is this constant vigilance that keeps me on top of my game and gives me added value over someone who does not work hard to stay up on the latest changes. As an architect, I am required by law to maintain a certain number of learning units per year. Hiring a registered professional for your design needs is a fundamental requirement for a truly green project. Those that advertise they provide “architectural experience” are destroying our professional reputation. So if your goal is to go “green”, if you want a quality project, you cannot buy a plan from a magazine, you cannot “just hire a builder”, you need to hire a qualified design professional.


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