Balancing life: being Dad

I have been accused many times of not sleeping in order to do the amount of work that I accomplish each week. I promise you that while I am involved in many activities, events, and efforts, I do get plenty of sleep. I do worry though that I am sacrificing things in my life that I will regret later. I worry about the little things that I don’t spend time doing, like attending social events to better get to know people in the community. Anyone that has seen me knows that I have not given proper attention to being healthy. While I don’t have many of the vices that one may suffer with in modern society, I do have a lack of desire for exercise and eating healthy and I worry what this will result in over the coming years. However, My biggest fear is that I am not spending enough time with my family.

Harrisonburg Dad

Over the past several weeks there has been a change in the normal pattern that I hope to continue. I have worked hard to get the garden set up that my wife Randa will certainly refer to later in the summer as “her garden.” The girls have helped me with the process, sometimes actively, sometimes taking breaks, sometimes forgetting completely about the garden and just running around the yard. We have also enjoyed several family outings these last several weeks that were focused on my daughters. Last Saturday, the girls dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 and we drove 1 1/2 hours to Hooville (Charlottesville) to meet the Cat in the Hat and watch a 30 minute cartoon on the big screen at the Paramount Theater. A couple of weeks ago we attended Annie at Four County Players, staying up very late for the girls and also me, but I will never forget the way they both had their eyes glued to the stage the entire time. Even better, thanks to our friend, Tracie Skipper, the girls got to meet the amazing actress that played Annie after the play. (by the way, I highly recommend making a trip to Barboursville to see a play at Four County Players, they do an incredible job). It is hard to find balance in life to be the best dad, best architect, best husband, best committee member, but that is my goal. While I know something always has to give, I can assure you that I will never give up trying to be the best.

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  1. Amy Turnage says:


    It’s a great thing to be aware of wanting to spend more time with your family. Many times, parents don’t think of this until their children are off to college, and they realize that their children are now turning into adults, in awe of how they grew up so fast… and how much they missed out on. Cherish the time with your girls while they are innocent and full of wonder. These are the best years that you will have with them. The smallest moment can become an incredible memory. When I was little, my dad used to stop his yard work to give my sister and me a wheelbarrow ride around the block. So simple, yet I’ll never forget that special time with my dad. Work will always be there tomorrow. Take time for the people who mean so much to you. Your hard work shows to those who know you. You deserve to take a break sometimes!


  2. pannieh says:

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    Charles is my son, therefore, he most certainly can achieve any goal he sets. Charles has a wonderful, beautiful family and like all of us sometimes they all jump the track. Get up, get positive and jump back on that train!


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