Possibly the best burger ever

I love my new office space, but it has one major problem. I am now up-wind from Jack Brown’s Burger Joint. This Harrisonburg restaurant has possibly the best burger I have ever had. This is a bold statement, I realize, as I make a pretty good burger myself and I have eaten many very good burgers. They have a limited menu for food (burger, cheesburger, french fries, or fried oreos) with a huge selection of beers to drink. While I don’t have any interest in the beer selection, the fried oreos are a nice way to end a meal there. If you happen to be in town on a Wednesday, ask for “the elvis”, it is one of the best! Be sure to get there early as they have limited seating, but with this nice weather, their outdoor seating will be a nice addition to their space. If you are joining the Blacks Run Cleanup or one of the many other events in downtown, stop by the best burger joint in town and enjoy!

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  1. Todd Hawkins says:

    Charles, I’ve been meaning to set up a meeting with you, perhaps around the lunch hour? ;>)


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