Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Program Announced

A major wind energy transmission project, to be known as the Atlantic Wind Connection, is to be established along the coastline from New Jersey to Virginia. The U.S. Department of Energy announced the program in February 2011. The goals of the project are to create green jobs, offer consumers access to a clear energy source, and to increase the reliability of the region’s power grid. The project will provide 6,000 Megawatts of power to 1.9 million households upon completion. The program has the potential to expand to harness up to 60,000 Megawatts of wind energy from the outer continental shelf. The project is in the process of gaining approval from federal, state, regional, and local regulators as well as grid operator PJM before construction can begin. The Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority was formed during the 2010 legislative session to develop the state’s offshore wind industry and wind powered electric energy fields. A bill that would have created a $1.5 billion wind energy program in Maryland failed in the state legislature despite strong support from the state’s governor.
Source: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement press release:http://www.boemre.gov/ooc/press/2011/press0208.htm.

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  1. Mike Newcomb says:

    I am all for this kind of clean energy and do not understand the resistance to it by folks – an eyesore looking ocean-ward? Get over it. Rather have CO2 racketing up climate change to catastrophic levels?

    Could there be a tidal power project attached to it too? Know that is another way of generating electricity & that is pretty darn reliable – hundreds of thousands of years is a good track record.

    Like to know more and how it affects the Valley – if at all. And how about wind power for the mountains, on some ridges? Was that killed a while back? Any hope of reviving it?



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