Broadway Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market opens today (5/21/11) in downtown Broadway, Va.  The Broadway Farmer’s Market is comprised of local farms, food artisans, and specialty goods producers wishing to bring you the best local fruits, vegetables, eggs, coffee, breads, and much more to feed your family. The market is located on Main St. on Saturday mornings from 8 am – Noon. With great vendors returning like Bountiful BlueRidge,Lucas Roasting, and Ryan’s Fruit, the market has something to offer to everyone.

Buying locally is good for your health, your environment, and for your community. The Broadway Farmer’s Market is a perfect way to support the economic recovery of your community. In the past ten years, the number of farmer’s markets has more than doubled, while the sales of organic produce has nearly increased 20% each year in the last decade. Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped across the country or from other countries. Local food is hundreds or even thousands of miles fresher than the foods found in local grocery stores. Fruits and vegetables shipped in from other states of countries have been treated with preservatives, grown with pesticides, and even subjected to irradiation to increase its shelf life through the long travel distance. Locally grown food is often sold within 24 hours of harvest at the height of ripeness, and packed with nutrients.

Buying local foods help financially support your community. This helps keep family farms viable for you community. Supporting local farms can help to create jobs for your neighbors. By supporting local agriculture, you protect area farms from development, maintain open spaces, natural ecosystems, and biodiversity. Ninety-one cents of each dollar spent at traditional food markets goes to suppliers, processors, middlemen, and marketers; only 9-cents of each dollar actually go to the farmer.

So find your local farmer’s market, meet you farmer, and develop a relationship with the person(s) growing your foods. Don’t simply rely on labels, get to know the values behind your food source. See you at the market!

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