Design Matters when buying a car and building a home

When you go to purchase a car what are the most important factors in your decision. Do you look just at aesthetics or do you also consider cost, function, performance, and value? I can look back over the cars I have owned and see an obvious progression from aesthetics being most important to function and operating cost being the highest priority. As gas prices have increased, the operating costs and comfort of my vehicle has become even more important.

So as energy prices and water costs continue to go up, how do you evaluate a home. I would encourage you to make operating cost, function, and performance as important as aesthetics. Ask your architect how they will determine the systems that will be needed for your home design or ask your realtor to investigate the Kwh usage psf of the home you are looking to purchase. While these aspects of a home are not seen from the curb, they impact your daily life in a huge way. Understanding that aesthetics are not the only factors is one of the most important qualities in the design of a home.

harrisonburg custom home

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