Business Matters: Solar PV that makes Cents

Does Solar PV makes sense for business? YES.

Check out my slides here: CAAV – Solar Business

solar panels

Active solar PV is not new. The popularity of Solar PV is growing and becoming mainstream. As we all painfully have experienced energy prices are going up for traditional sourced options it seems daily. On the other side, Solar PV technology is getting more advanced and competition is increasing which is bringing prices down. These factors coupled with the incredible demand for energy in the coming years is going to have a dramatic impact on the Solar PV industry. Industry experts are predicting now that Electricity demand in the U.S. will grow by at least 40% by 2032. This will result in the need for 300 power plants by the year 2030. Solar parity with coal is predicted to happen by the year 2014-2017. I predict many of these power plants being built will be solar and wind powered.

The advantages for solar today are straight forward. There is no power drop over long transmission lines, set energy prices for 50+ years, it does not risk the lives of people to harvest the needed resources needed to provide other types of energy sources. PV energy is also clean, renewable, and reliable while not increasing the burden on existing infrastructure.

solar power

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