Architecture is a symphony of parts and pieces, music frozen in time. Architecture is art that impacts the lives of those living, working, studying within the walls of the creation. Architecture is a powerful platform that needs to be seen as a way to build sustainable places, vibrant lives, and healthy communities. We often get caught seeing architecture as process of drawing, when the process of drawing is simply the manifestation of the thoughts and ideas on paper. Drawings are a tool to convey the ideas and not the solution itself. The amount of thought, knowledge, and experience put into a design can never be represented in a single line on a sheet of paper or in a project manual full of words. Architecture is the life blood of a community, it builds character, it shapes life. It needs to be seen in that light or our communities are destined to be without true character, sustainability, or vibrancy.

I asked one of my mentors last week, Ray Gaines, “What do you want to see when you look back in 20 years on your career?” He stated simply: “I want to see that our work made a difference and the community is a better place for it.” 

This is architecture to many of us. We understand that we have to hit budget, schedules, and the desired aesthetics of our clients. However, we as a profession should also take very seriously the need to take on the power of our work. We can design better solutions. We can create better outcomes. We can inspire change. This is not about ego, this is about service.

architecture that creates place

There should be no question of whether you design an energy-efficient house or a code minimum house. They cost the same day one and with that understanding what client would want the less efficient, less healthy, less durable option. Our commercial buildings should build community, create place, and increase the profits of those companies using the spaces. This does not have to be an option that you add, it should be a solution that you provide. Design matters, Opportunity is now here! 

7th Generation Design

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