Happy Father’s Day

Life of a father

Many look at our plight as a fairy tale of watching television, burping, yelling for our team, and mowing the yard. However, there is more to the story than you have seen in the news. There are more trials and tribulations to being a father than any other role in the world. The FATHER is more than a stereotype of football fanatic, grill loving, trash taker outer. The FATHER is the glue that makes all things possible.

Father, or Dad as some people prefer, is the person that makes all other things possible. Without Dad to leave the seat up, who would give Mom that cold surprise in the middle of the night that wakes her up early so she can get more done. This is a role only a father can fill to the utmost potential!

Dad is the person that is called in when there is a spider that needs a special friend to take them on a trip outside. Of course Dad probably does not want to touch the spider either, but he braves the 8 legs and disposes of the spider carefully.

Dad is the person that avoids climbing on the roof so Mom can have that vegetated roof she always wanted and did not know to ask for. Without his not doing the gutters that seed pod would have never seen the potential of growing in the gutter. Those weeds would not have sprouted roots and flowered.

Dad is the person that brings the tickles in the morning when the little ones are having trouble getting up in the morning. There is nobody else fully qualified to get the belly button with slobbery vigor.

Dad is the one person available at all times for that afternoon nap that someone needs to take. That couch was purchased and paid for with money that took time to earn, delivered with the sweat of the delivery men hired so dad would not have to carry it, and it just sits there. Dad gives it potential and purpose making the efforts and money used worthwhile.

Dad does not mow the grass more often so when it gets done it looks that much better. If it was mowed weekly you would never get to experience it looking terrible. Without Dad procrastinating you would not get to experience the full beauty of a neat trimmed lawn compared to the unkempt looking unkept experience it has every other week.

Without Dad, who would finish that half eaten ice cream, donuts, or hamburger? Dad is the ultimate environmentalist helping reduce food waste one meal at a time.

Dads were made so Mom would have someone to keep in line, it gives her purpose. Dads were created to give kids something to climb on, jump on, and bounce on. Dads were created to give others a higher sense of accomplishment.

Dads give purpose to kids and Moms alike. Dads give motivation for others to get better, always looking for ways to set a baseline standard that others can surpass to give them the feeling of success. If a Dad was to get up and do all the work, follow all the rules, and always behave, then others would feel inadequate.

As a Father, I pride myself in my ability to give my wife and kids a sense of accomplishment. I hope your father’s day can be just as beneficial to those around you and that you take an extra long nap, grill a few extra burgers, and watch many hours of the game.

Happy Father’s Day!

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