Design Matters – finding solutions.


Architects design a variety of building types. Some are big, some are small, and they all have great meaning to the client and to the architect. Architecture is an interesting profession. You wear your heart on your sleeve and your work is often reviewed, and analyzed. Sometimes you specialize in a certain type of design – like residential:

Sometimes within that specialty you might only do renovations

or  energy-efficient:

or commercial:

or agricultural:

or multi-family:

or Historic Renovation:

some try to push the envelope of what is accepted and expected:

sometimes form is given to you (garden apartment)

sometimes size is the rule (1000 sf)

sometimes you are the first (EarthCraft Light Commercial)

sometimes you give your time to high school students:

sometimes you design big open spaces:

sometimes you design big interior spaces:

sometimes you design high density:


But no matter what the project, as an architect, the one thing that remains constant is you design solutions!

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