Good Architecture does not just happen…

Good architecture does not just happen. It is formed through conversations, discussions, debates, and most important, listening. Architects are often assumed to serve those in need of a signature work that marks a place in time and culture. The reality of it is those buildings and projects are few and far between and almost never impact our daily lives. Those project are usually the buildings that land on the covers of magazines, show up in tourist brochures, and become destinations. However, the buildings that we work, live, and play are just as important if not more so.

We don’t often think of our homes and businesses as architectural destinations, but in reality they are just that if designed appropriately. A highly functional home will make your life easier, will lower your maintenance costs, and will re-energize your body. A well designed building is one that meets your current needs, anticipates your future needs, and is adaptable to those things in life that just happen. Architecture is more than just drawing a plan and elevation and letting the builder figure out the details. Architecture is a holistic concept that touches all aspects of your home and business from energy usage, aesthetics, to space planning and function. Architecture is about having conversations, many of them, to identify the goals, needs, and functions your architectural destination needs to be successful. Architecture is a conversation that results in drawings used to build your project. 

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