Design of a Home, a process of discovery.

Every client makes decisions differently and every projects evolves in a unique fashion. However, the big steps are always the same. The initial meeting is a conversation to establish the goals, scope, and budget. The completion of this meeting usually leaves the Architect with a really good idea of the direction the project is going. In the case of this particular project, these initial bubble diagrams and resulting sketch is very similar to the end project almost a year later.


The next phase is where time is spent, figuring out the details. For instance, how does one room relate to anther, what furniture goes there, who will use that room and for what purpose? The process of design is as much figuring out the right questions as it is providing aesthetic solutions.


Once you have a good idea of the details then you can focus on the aesthetics of the design. Of course this is not a singular action, a good designer is thinking about all aspects throughout the design process. This is just the time where you really dive in and find the best solution to achieve the goals.


Then back to the details making the small parts compliment the large decision.


I always advocate to have the contractor involved early on so that decisions can all be made with budget in mind. As an Architect we have a general understanding of installed costs of materials, but only a contractor can provide detailed costs that are accurate.

photo (19)

The design process will include many conversations about materials, costs, aesthetics, and durability.


Once the decisions are made for design and a construction contract can be executed, let the dirt fly.

photo (21)

Here the footings are being poured.


Now the walls are being constructed.


I cannot wait to show you more as this project progresses. If you have questions about the design process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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