What questions should I ask before building our new home?

IMG_4315Building a home is a complicated process and there are many decisions to make to get the desired result. You have to have a design, agree on a price to build, negotiate value, pick products, layout furniture, size rooms, balance costs, the list goes on. So how do you get started? If you have gone through the process before you will know the value of having a great team and a complete plan before you move any dirt. If you have not gone through the process before, here are some questions to get started.

  • What is the best design solution to meet our goals?
  • Can I just purchase a plan online or do I need to hire an architect? Is a drafter ok?
  • What is liability insurance? What qualifications should I look for in a designer / architect?
  • How will building code, zoning ordinance, and neighborhood covenants impact my goals?
  • Who will be responsible for verifying quality, durability, and energy efficiency of the home built?
  • How big do I have to build to achieve the goals I have set for my new home?
  • How do I decide which builder is qualified and will be fair with their fee to build the home?IMG_5472
  • If my builder is sending me to his favorite suppliers, how do I know I am getting the best value?
  • What happens if my builder and I have a disagreement during construction?
  • What issues do I have with my current home that I don’t want to repeat?
  • How do I read building plans and elevations?
  • What are specifications? Should I write them or should my builder or do I need to hire an architect?
  • What is a change order?
  • What is a contract? Which type of construction contract should I use?
  • Who picks the wall colors, countertops, appliances? Do I have other options?
  • Is landscaping included in the construction contract?
  • Can I stop work?
  • Can I build it myself? How much will I save?
  • Can I visit the job site during construction? What if I see something wrong?
  • I can purchase the appliances myself, who will install them?
  • When will it be done?


Be patient, flexible, and try not to let the stress of all the decisions overwhelm you during the process. Having someone who goes through the process everyday on your team is a great first step. We are always happy to discuss the process with you, just give us a call.

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