Custom Home Design – How to find success

IMG_3916Design is a subjective topic, a symphony frozen in time. Some clients want traditional details and others want modern clean lines. There is no universal solution, real beauty in any custom home design lies in the customization for a particular client’s needs, desires, and preferences.IMG_3994

A custom home design cannot be found in a magazine or a spec home, true beauty can only be found through a specific solution for the particular client, climate, site, time, and culture. A home can look great in a magazine, but on the particular site would be out-of-place. The best architecture is a result of the client’s sharing their ideas and the architect’s ability to transform those into a shape that is functional, efficient, proportional, and balanced.  The beauty of a Custom Home Design, the one’s that are successful, are filled with details that have meaning, thought, and provoke an emotional response from the client.090651-R1-7AIMG_2356

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