Proper insulation provides comfort and energy efficiency in your basement renovation.

It is very common to find insulation in the floor joists above your head in an unfinished basement or crawl space. Unfortunately, for homes in our area, this is not where you need insulation. I will go as far to say “it is a complete waste of money.”

Basement Insulation


As a general rule the entire envelope of your home should be insulated. If your basement, attic, or crawl space has duct work in it, then it is part of your home’s thermal envelope. Insulating the walls of the basement or crawl will increase the overall efficiency and comfort of your entire home.

encapsulated crawl

Insulation, specifically fiberglass insulation, is often used in the floor joists in a basement or crawl space. If it is not in contact with the floor surface above, then it does not perform as intended. If you push the fiberglass in place then you smash the R-value out of the insulation so it does not work. If you want to insulate between floor joists, I recommend using spray foam insulation, but again, just insulate the walls.


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  1. Insulating your attic is the best place to start. You lose nearly half of your energy in your home through your attic. If your home was built before 1960 you should check the walls for insulation. Insulation should be installed in other areas of your home such as basement walls and sills, crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings, floors over garages or porches, and knee walls.


  2. I would say air leaks are the first place to start, but agree the attic is the first place to add insulation. Get the top right and air tight which will stop the movement and start solving your energy, comfort, and indoor air quality problems.


  3. Sean says:

    Yeah! insulation can make our home more comfortable but i must be installed properly. After insulating homes it can keep homes warm in winters and cool in summer. Thanks for sharing this great post.


  4. Mahlon Boehs says:

    Yes, make sure you use the best insulation. I use spray foam because it has the highest r-value and energy efficiency.


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