Water can destroy a home in a short period of time.

A water management system does more than just protect your home from driving rain.


A proper water management system protects from bulk moisture and vapor drive from inside and outside the home. This includes an appropriate house wrap, flashing at wall openings, and the right insulation to name just a few details.


There are many places that the durability of a home can be caused into question. However, the most important design element is getting the water management system correct. If the system is not thought through completely you could have major structural damage in just a few years.

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  1. Tim Coleman says:

    Charles, I appreciate your share on this. We have similar issues with water around and below a pool structure. Planning for this before and during construction is critical to the life of a pool. Who would of thought?


  2. Proper planning is a key element to a good project. What are some key elements a client should look for in planning for a pool Tim?


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