Design Matters – New construction vs custom construction

Design matters. If you are building a new home, proper planning and design will provide you with the most energy-efficient, durable, and healthy home. There are many things that are done in new home construction that are considered standard, that might or might not be healthy, durable, or energy efficient. The design phase is a chance to set the performance standards for your builder to incorporate into your new home (and the price of your new home). Without an architect, you have to rely on the builder to set the design standards for you.


Design matters. Setting the performance standards, designing the spaces that work for you, selecting the right products for your design are key decisions that should be done  prior to getting a price for the construction. We frequently work hand in hand with a builder to make sure we keep the budget in check while in process with the design. Decisions can be made as a team, which will provide the best solution to you at the best value.


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