Low-cost Strategies for Green Building

water senseYou hear it all the time, but I am here to tell you:: Green does not cost more, quality costs more. Here are 17 tips that will not add to your building costs, but will save you money and protect the earth.

  1. Orient building to maximize natural lighting and solar heat gain.
  2. Place windows to provide good natural ventilation.
  3. Select a light-colored “cool roof”
  4. Provide overhangs on south-facing windows.17
  5. install LED lights.
  6. Install high R-value insulation
  7. select energy star appliances.
  8. Design Water-efficient landscapes.
  9. Install water-efficient toilets and fixtures.
  10. Use permeable paving materials.
  11. Use concrete with flyash.
  12. Use engineered wood for headers, joists, and sheathing.
  13. Use recycled content insulation, drywall, and carpet.
  14. Use Low or No VOC paint.
  15. Use formaldehyde-free or fully sealed materials for cabinets and counters.
  16. Vent rangehood to the outside.
  17. install carbon monoxide detector.

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