Winterizing My Old House

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This is – hopefully – the least sexy post I will write. But it’s so important!

I spent the past couple of mornings before work winterizing my old home, circa 1920. Yeah, I’m a little late and should have done this back in November… but better late than never, right?

Winterizing My Old House

My top old home winterizing priority was sealing off the  attic from the main floor.

We have a walk-up attic. So the only thing between my lukewarm bedroom and my frigid attic was a slab of wood. No wonder the bedroom wouldn’t stay warm!

So we bought some  1″rigid foam and cut it to the size of the attic opening.

Winterizing My Old House

To decode those pictures for ya: that is a giant piece of rigid foam (1″ thick, r-factor of 5) laying over the opening at the top of my steps.

For now, I am content to just lay this foam rectangle directly on…

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