“Sunset Review” of Licensure for Architects

Do you know who is drawing your home / office building? What experience do they have sizing beams, posts, egress paths, and space planning? If an Architect has to go through 5+ years of education and several years as an intern before getting licensed vs someone that “knows design” are they both delivering the same value at the end of the day? I hear all the time that builders are offering design services or they hired a drafter to get the permit set. What skills do those service providers deliver if they have no standards by which to practice design? Great post by Liz on the need for a standard for our public buildings and homes that goes beyond “because that is the way we have always done it.”

Comments From a Spec Writer

Every decade or so, the State of Colorado asks itself if architects should continue to be licensed and regulated.

Oh, yes, they do. 

It’s called a “sunset review.”  They do it for engineers, too.  Can you imagine states not regulating these professions?  It’s already like the Wild West here in Denver sometimes.  Imagine if there were no rules or requirements governing the qualifications of people who design the bridges we drive under, the schools our kids learn in, the buildings we work in, the houses… oh, wait.  That’s right.  There are very few rules governing some of the people who design the houses we live in, and that’s fine.

But there’s a rule proposed that, if adopted, will govern one thing about some of the people who design houses.  And that’s a good thing.

The current statutes, or laws, indicate that unless someone is a licensed architect, he…

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