Becoming a Kraken! The Challenge.

Want to change the future, don’t like where the industry is today, looking for a brighter future, want to have an impact: become a Kraken!

The Voices in my head



The short version (who am I kidding, you all already know I never have a short version) of the story is that someone made a funny remark at a CSI Board Meeting one day along the line of “Release the Krakens” when a couple of us were pushing to get something done.

I am not exactly sure why or how, but it stuck.  It became a running joke that, if you wanted something done, you called one of the CSI Krakens.  We were having so much fun with this that we decided to start a Kraken Committee and even got ourselves some T-shirts. 

I started tweeting about it and soon other CSI Members across the country were getting involved.  By the time we all converged on Nashville for CONSTRUCT last September, more than just Portland CSI Members were proudly sporting the Kraken colors.  Our King Kraken (Thank you Eric!)…

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  1. Anne Nielsen says:

    Thanks, I learned something today that I didn’t even know I didn’t know!
    Yes, to CSI and the Krakens out there! Anne


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