Custom infill home in Old Town Harrisonburg – roof deck, high performance, small footprint

We work in an incredible industry where clients trust you with their hopes and dreams then you get the draw the path to get them there. Previous updates herehere and here.

Harrisonburg Custom Home Harrisonburg Custom Home

20140619_141642 20140619_141514 20140619_141448 20140619_141237 20140619_141230 Harrisonburg Custom Home

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  1. Anne Nielsen says:

    Wow, this is exciting! A roof deck in Old Town H’burg, It ain’t pretty, but it looks like adding a load of liveability. What is that curious thing in the basement with all the pipes?


  2. The roof deck will get much better looking when it is finished. The thing with all the pipes will be a fireplace. The walls will hide the inner workings and clean up the look once they are built.


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