Each day we have together is a gift

In looking back through blog posts that I wrote in the past but never posted I found this one. I wrote it to help with my sadness after losing someone in our community. It was a nice reminder to me how much each day means and how we should live life to the fullest everyday.

He was a leader that I had a chance to meet a couple of times in the community. I knew him from being in the same industry. He had a wisdom about him beyond his years, and a dry sense of humor – if you did not notice, he let it slide – if you did, your reward was a smile. I looked up to him for what he was able to accomplish, not in fame or success (although he had those) but for how he helped make a better community for all. He led not by voice, but by action. 

He supported others regardless of their hardship. He gave them strength through words of encouragement and through his actions. I certainly did not know him well. I was an outsider to his circle. I had a few conversations and once a visit to his home, that is all. Together, we looked at things he created with his hands. We talked about his goals. He told me some of his stories. Without question, I wanted to be more like him. I hold that time we shared now as sacred. He left this world too early.


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  1. Martin Misenhimer says:

    Great post, Charles! Thanks!


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