Custom Home – How to get started (part 7) – Moving the dirt

Thinking of building a custom home, know the steps so you can control the process. The next step in our series is just after you sign the contract with a contractor – what happens.

To catch up on this series “Custom Home – how to get started,”, part one is posted here, part two here, part three here, part four here, part five here, and part six here.

So you have signed a contract with a contractor and you are ready for the work to start. The next step is for the contractor to apply for permit. This could happen prior to signing the contract depending on your approach in the previous steps. The permit review process usually takes a couple of weeks, even up to a month. The local official having jurisdiction has to review your plans for compliance with the local building codes. This code review process is important to make sure you don’t have any issues after construction has started, but is not an exhaustive review to make sure things are right. They are simply looking for code compliance. The process usually goes very smooth if you have a complete set of plans developed by an architect.

custom home albemarle countyThe contractor also needs to sign his contracts with sub-contractors that are going to perform parts of the work. This may include the plumber, electrician, site excavator, framer… and all things in between. Once the contracts are signed and permit is issued, the digging is scheduled and work begins. Important steps not to overlook include the surveyor showing up to mark the corners and erosion control measures are being installed.


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