5 reasons why an architect can benefit EVERY construction project

102407FINAL 061There are many benefits to hiring an architect for every construction project.

1. We see the big picture – Architects work with construction projects every day. We know the steps, can help head off issues before they are problems, and can offer comfort in what can be a stressful process.

2. We create the documents that are the contract for construction – often when a problem arises in a construction project it is because the memory of the agreement differs. If you have an architect create the design, then they have the job of interpreting what should have been done based on those documents. They can answer questions, offer opinions, and help guide solutions. If you have purchased plans online or worse, if the building created the documents, you do not have any protection should things go bad.

3. We understand building science – who wants a house that uses lots of money to heat and cool, is unhealthy, and is hard to maintain? If you don’t, then you want someone involved that knows building science.IR_0039

4. Architects know building products – much of my time is spent researching materials, learning from products reps, and analyzing the performance of building products. We know what is available, what works well in a given situation, and what offers added value to a project.

5. An architect understands aesthetics – we have studied space, forms, proportions, scale, and styles. We know how to put together a project that has the appropriate details and proportions. _MG_5773


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