My photography from the past few months – architectural photography

As an architect in Harrisonburg, I spend most of my time balancing function with beauty. I see harmony in forms and shape. Here is some of my photography from the past few months. From a trip to Baltimore to a custom home in Harrisonburg I enjoy taking pictures of structures and nature. Let me know what you think.

20140928_104803_1 20140915_131911_1 20140911_183759_1 20140718_152244_1 20140908_162423_1 20140709_202632_1 20140708_153953_1 20140629_195354_1 20140627_181017_2 20140612_181803_1 20140612_152143_1 20140605_200443_1 20141001_085057_1

Tell me what you think of my photography below.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your photos! Very nice!


  2. Rick Kane says:

    Than for sharing.


  3. Rick Kane says:

    Typo= Thanks for sharing…


  4. James Maust says:

    Like the Harley, like the boat, like the sunset, like the cows. I know, I’m supposed to like the buildings first!


  5. You know I love your photos.


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