Can you live in a “tiny” home? What is “right sized?”

The tiny house movement has gained a huge amount of momentum since Katrina Cottages became mainstream news. Do you think you can live in 150 sf? What about 6oo sf? So what is a tiny house to you?


When designing a green home determining the right size for you is as important as designing for energy-efficiency. Conserving resources comes in many forms in the building industry. Local resources are a huge part of creating a sustainable solution as well as making your home energy-efficient. However, both of these strategies are directly dependent on the size of your home. How much space do you really need to live life to the fullest?

Nelson County Custom Home

Making your home right sized takes careful thought and planning. There are no universal sizes for a dining room that works for all families. How do you use the space, do you even need the space? Learning how you live life, think about planning for the future ways you may live, and working through your personal values will inform size of rooms. Taking care to think through these questions is one of the more important aspects of the design process. These are the kind of questions that come with custom design and does not get addressed when purchasing plans online or from a drafter. 
Mt Crawford Basement Renovation
So what is the right size home for you? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you need a formal living room, what about a dining room? How much time will you spend in the bonus room, how much stuff do you have that you need to store in the off-season (decorations, sports equipment, keepsakes)? Perhaps a 150 sf house is too small for you, but maybe we can reduce your 2,500 sf program into a 2,000 functional solution with a little conversation.

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