Top blog posts for 2014

Here are the top blog posts for 2014. Let us know which topic was your favorite!

5. The evolution of a sketch and list of ideas into a dream home.

IMG_5479_80_81In an age of immediate gratification architecture and construction is a slow process. We started the design for this custom home in Old Town Harrisonburg back in July of 2013 and the clients just moved in late last month – more than a year later. However, the process holds tremendous gratification when your clients dreams can be translated into drawings and then they are revealed slowly through construction…..

4. Building Code – The worst possible building you can build by law

DSC06359I respond to a lot of request for proposals and do a lot of interviews for new design projects. Sometimes there is a higher standard to which the new design needs to meet and sometimes the potential project is only aiming for building code minimum standards…..

3. How to Love an Architect

architectural stick figuresArchitects are a different breed. They find romance in restoration, poetry in a portico, and harmony in a historic district. A romantic dinner date is filled with observations about the exposed beams, glazing patterns, and a long list of how to redesign the space to make it flow better….

2. Home Energy Tips – Ventilation and Duct Sealing

IMG_0731I say it all the time, your home is the most complicated machine you own. One of the main reasons for this statement is your (HVAC) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems. If you have a forced air Heat Pump that is controlling the temperature in your home, you are like most in our area….

1. Penn Laird Custom Home – Interior Photographs

_MG_1428_1This incredible home is done in Penn Laird, built by Trost Custom Homes, and the clients have moved in. Here are the other updates….


Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts this year. Your participation has made a huge difference for our success this year.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. George Everding says:


    They were all good, but you hit a pet peeve with “The worst possible building you can build by law.” It is always surprising clients fail to grasp this basic concept. Do they really want a building that is one slip up away from being illegal?

    Happy New Year, and thanks for your good work with the blog in 2014. See you in St. Louis in October,



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