I get asked all the time, what type of architecture do you design? It is not an easy question to answer.

I get asked all the time, what type of architecture do you design? It is not an easy question to answer as we do a large variety of project types. My short answer is usually something like – healthy, energy-efficient, and durable buildings for a variety of clients. The truth is I don’t have a short answer. Our design work stretches across all building types, townhouses, custom homes of all budgets, apartment communities, warehouses, dentist offices, office buildings, shopping centers, playhouses, ramps, renovations, camp buildings, schools, restaurants, churches, car washes, barns….

Here are some current projects that are in the works or just finished:

Townhouses at Preston Lake


Custom Home in Albemarle County design with Universal Design Principals




Milking facility in Rockingham County



Office building and warehouse addition in Verona




University building renovation in Harrisonburg




Contemporary custom home in Charlottesville




Custom home renovation – adding a second floor to an existing home




Apartment Community in Fishersville




We have a lot of great projects and I am thankful for each. The diversity of types makes like hectic at times, but keeps everyday fresh. Right now in design I have two restaurants, two home renovations, one pending energy audit, 1 custom home, 1 shopping center renovation, a camp project with multiple buildings, another camp that is building everything new, a feasibility study for a new office, and a historic renovation project.

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