Summer has come to an end, now lets get back to work!

It seems the older I get the faster the time goes. This summer went by in a flash, but we did make a lot of memories along the way. We finished phase 1 of the maker space in our basement which got a lot of use.


There was a sewing camp,


a soapbox derby race,

Harrisonburg Soapbox Derby

and the girls were in a play at Eastern Mennonite University.


We visited DQ many times.


Occasionally there was fried chicken.


Of course, there was a lot of ice cream.


We took a trip to Fallingwater to see the house, water falls, wind power, and even found a vegetative roof.

20150630_142638 Vegetative Roof 20150630_155616 Wind Power 20150630_184841 Fallingwater

There was a lot of lego activity.


We enjoyed a parade and even got to see our Harrisonburg Co-housing friends.

20150704_181255 20150704_182735

There was a birthday party, lots of pool time, backyard smores, visits from family, and time at the mountain.

20150711_143554-01 20150711_165041 20150711_210333 20150712_100346 20150712_10535120150712_125910-01

The garden grew strong, the flowers were blooming, and the local food was plentiful.

20150714_193750 20150714_195533-01 20150720_174533 20150815_182329 20150810_071917

I had a chance to spend some time with the Governor.

Shenandoah Valley Partnership Shenandoah Valley Partnership

More Lego time.


We enjoyed time on the Route 11 Yard Crawl.


We visited Roanoke and went to the Science Museum.

20150809_142012 Solar PV Roanoke Science Museum 20150809_141847-01

I even had time to play a little golf.


Of course we had plenty of donuts.

Baker's Dozen

We had moments of pure joy while visiting the Rockingham County Fair.

20150821_172716-01 Rockingham County Fair

And of course, we celebrated the start of school with first day pictures.

20150818_065521 20150818_065553 20150818_065324

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  1. K Smith says:

    Busy summer Charles. Looked like a fun time!!!


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