Green Term Defined: Interior Design

It is a common misconception that interior design is the process of selecting curtains or paints. While it can include those items, interior design is more than just decorating. Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior of a room or building. An interior designer has extensive training and education to achieve that title.


Interior designer is a term that implies a higher understanding of the design process. Interior designers can undertake projects that include interior layouts, finish selections, and lighting coordination. In contrast, an interior decorator is skilled at picking out curtains, colors, and finishes, but to use that title need no formal training. You should ask your interiors person if they graduated from a formal accredited degree program before hiring someone to assist you with interiors.

Indoor air quality

Interior designers are creative, visionary, artistic, and imaginative. They have an understanding of function as well as flow of spaces.


If you have an interior design project, please contact us and ask for Hannah.

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