Project Update: East Johnson Tiny House

Tiny House

The average size home in the United States for a new single family home has grown from 1,780 sf in 1978 to 2,662 sf in 2013. With the growth of the average home footprint also a decrease in the average size of the US family. From this push for bigger homes has come a counter-culture movement to create highly functional and efficient intentional livable spaces called the Small House Movement.

Tiny House

A small house is less than 1,000 sf and more than 400 sf. A tiny house is typically less than 400 sf. So technically, our tiny house is really just a tiny small house at 448 sf.

Tiny House Kitchen
Tiny House Kitchen

Built by Beck Builders, this home that hit the market today for $99,400 is designed with adaptability in mind. The open floor plan and wide doors allows for flexibility of space. The storage loft above the bedroom could be used for storage or a cozy sleeping space for overnight guests. The bathroom is set up to accommodate someone in a wheelchair or two people getting ready in the morning. It also has plenty of rear yard for a large garden and very friendly neighbors.

Tiny House Storage
Tiny House Storage

Designed for efficiency, this home features a high performance building envelope and heating / cooling system. The large front porch will be the perfect place to enjoy the late day sun and plenty of windows allow in lots of natural light. At 448 sf, this house feels grand with the 12’+ tall vaulted ceiling in the gathering space. The wall mounted mini-split provides warm air on a cool Fall day to the space even with the doors open for the open house it stayed very comfortable. The conditioned crawl space prevents indoor air quality issues and the dehumidifier adds an extra layer of protection. Clean lines and open shelving in the kitchen area makes the house feel crisp. The most common phrase I heard was today was “it does not feel small at all” and “cute.” What a wonderful home within a few minutes walking distance to the heart of downtown Harrisonburg. If you want a tour let me know, I am sure this home will not stay on the market very long.

I owe a special thanks to my wonderful client for letting me be part of this incredible project!

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Tiny HouseTiny House Tiny House Tiny House  Tiny House

Tiny House
Tiny House Open House

Tiny House


Tiny House Tiny House Tiny House

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  1. Kay Smith says:

    Cute house. How did I miss the open house?

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Kay,

    I cannot believe your daughter did not tell you. Please let me know when you want a tour and I will arrange it.


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