Citizen Architect – How Meg is giving back

Citizen Architect – How Meg is giving back

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A guest post by Meg Carpenter from our Charlottesville office:

I am so excited to say I will take part in Bike & Build this summer!  It’s an amazing program that sends volunteers out to bike 60-80 miles a day to various communities across the country, raising awareness about the affordable housing cause and picking up a hammer to help build affordable homes! If anyone hasn’t heard of the affordable housing cause, it’s a large issue in communities across the country. A home is a life necessity! In every state, a person working at minimum wage for 40 hours a week cannot afford a two bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent. Virginia is the 9th most expensive state with regards to housing wage, and a person working at minimum wage would have to work over 88 hours to afford a two bedroom unit! 

bike and build

In order for me to participate I must raise $2250: $750 by the end of January and $1500 by the first of April in order to keep on track and my place in the program. And all proceeds will fund young-adult driven affordable housing projects. Bike & Build has had a huge impact on the cause and please look at for more information. The reason I am doing Bike & Build is because, while in college, I was in an architecture studio that worked with the Albemarle Housing Improvement Program, and it really opened my eyes to the issue.  I had no idea prior to volunteering, that my own community had such a strong need for affordable housing.  This summer I have the opportunity to raise awareness and can’t wait! I would love to have your support in any way possible, even if it’s a dollar. And it’s tax-deductible 🙂 If you donate please let me know because I want to send you a thank you note and sticker that says “I support” with the Bike & Build logo, that I had a local graphic designer make as a thank you!

bike and build

I have already started my part by training and learning even more about the affordable housing cause. AND for every dollar donated between now and Christmas, I will add one extra mile to the 500 miles required to train for the trip! So put me to work!!!

Please check out my bio, learn more about the specific trip I am on, and find the link to donate here!

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