Green Design vs Design – what do you want?

Green Design vs Design – what do you want?

We have built a solid reputation for delivering “green” architectural design for our clients. We were even named the “best small architecture firm” in the USGBC Best of Building Awards – that was a worldwide vote – fairly cool – showing our dedication to “going green.” Green design is simply a solution that is healthy, energy-efficient, and durable and our clients want their homes to be green. Our designs are healthy through selecting products that do not off-gas dangerous chemicals and by using a HVAC system that includes a proper ventilation / fresh air strategy. Energy-efficiency is gained through an in-depth understanding of building science. Durability is included by selecting quality products that are proven to last without regular maintenance.


Recently I heard from another architect that his clients simply do not want “green” design so he does not focus on it. My question to him – “so your clients want buildings that make them sick, are expensive to condition, and are hard to maintain.” Of course his answer was NO. His clients in fact want green design, they just don’t name it – green.


We should call green design, just simply design. If we are doing our job right as an architect, we should be delivering the highest value to our clients. Design should be built upon building science solutions that create healthy, energy-efficient, and durable structures to live, work, and play in. We should not have to decide whether or not to “go green” it should just be the best solution.

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