Harmony Square Dairy Queen – Project Update part 5

Harmony Square Dairy Queen – Project Update part 5

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The Harmony Square Dairy Queen in now open. Stop in and check out the space. The store offers a great breakfast – I have tried it and it is worth the trip. Of course, my favorite remains the blizzards made by the sun. To top it off, this may be the greenest Dairy Queen in the country. The space features high performance insulation, tube skylights, solar panels, on-demand water heating, and LED lights. Here is a look back at photos from the final days of construction.

Signs Installed


Spoons on the doors.


Interior signage done.


Furniture put together.


On-demand water heating system for low energy bills.


Stormwater management system to filter first flush pollutants.


Before signage, final clean up.

20151218_112156 20151221_181945

Kitchen installation


Exterior signs at drive-thru.


Patio looking more like a patio.


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