Classic design for aging-in-place

We are working on designing a house for a couple in Harrisonburg that have plans to stay in their new home forever. Using aging-in-place strategies we are designing a home that can adapt over time to the needs of our clients. From the open floor plan to wide doorways the home can accommodate people of all abilities.

harrisonburg aging-in-place house

Making the home energy-efficient and comfortable keeps the house usable for a long time and affordable to heat and cool. Reducing long-term expenses due to conditioning the home provides payback every month.

harrisonburg aging-in-place house

Using durable materials will make the house long lasting and easy to maintain. Again reducing long-term costs associated with maintenance of the home.

harrisonburg aging-in-place house

 We are including a roll-in shower, sitting space in the kitchen, no-step entry, and doors with lever handles to make the house flexible for changing needs.

harrisonburg aging-in-place house

There is no way of knowing what will happen in the future, but making the home as affordable as possible and adaptable will increase the possibility of making this a home for a lifetime.

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  1. Joni Grady says:

    Forever is such a long time. Be sure to include space close to the living area for one partner to become an invalid, either permanently or temporarily. Space that can be made private or open at will. And I wish I had what my aunt had: a pull out cutting board so I could sit. Not sure the high counter stools work but you could add a lower counter instead. So many things –you can’t plan or afford every eventuality. Forever might mean room for live-in help too. We stayed in our “forever house ” 7 years….Good luck–a noble attempt.


  2. Elizabeth Scott says:

    very nice! My new home (a duplex on Secrist Lane) was designed for aging-in-place and has some of these features: a roll-in shower, wider doorways, interior doors with lever handles, a no-step entry. If I were in a wheelchair, however, I would need to get rid of the plush wall-to-wall carpet and have lower counters in the kitchen! I have replaced some of the carpet with “wood” laminate flooring and will be adding solar collectors I hope this year.


  3. Kay Smith says:

    I like this idea. Hard to do when you move into an already older house. I’d do this too if 8 were to build a new house!!! Thanks for the ideas.

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  4. Kay Smith says:

    I recommend roll out shelves for the bottom cabinets.


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