There I stood next to perfection

There I stood next to perfection.

I remember standing on the lawn looking out over a light snow. The red bricks contrasted with the blue sky creating a moment that will last forever. The architect of this space stood there 174 year before as construction of his masterpiece created the forms admired around the world today. Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village was the backdrop and there I stood next to perfection.

uva in the snow

There on the shoreline, the sun set over the horizon ending a beautiful summer day. The colors were vibrant, the air warm, the waves crashing creating a calm that is only experienced on rare occasions. There I stood next to perfection.


Perched in nature, Frank Lloyd Wrights’ Falling Water is an incredible sculpture. The beauty of the form somehow enhances place. Walking through the house seeing the details that all tie together then returning outside to see it through the opening in the trees – it again amazes. There I stood next to perfection.

falling water

It was cold, so cold. I stood on the American side of the falls watching 3,160 tons of water flow by every second. This natural wonder has 140 acres of state park that is under water and another 260 acres above water level of pure beauty. The sound is overwhelming the smells are rich. There I stood next to perfection.

Niagra Falls

Founded in 1663, Charleston, South Carolina stands as one of the longest and most diverse architectural cities in the United States. From fires to hurricanes to war the city has lost treasures and other treasures have been added in their place creating layers of history. As you walk down the streets you can feel those that have walked before you. The stories told, the secrets whispered, and the emotions experienced seem to stand still in time. There I stood next to perfection.

Charleston City Market

The songs were on point, the vocals powerful, and the instruments played to perfection. A concert at court square theater on Valentine’s Day by local sons the Steel Wheels was incredible. They played for two hours in a theater packed, yet it seemed like you were there in their living room experiencing a private show. There I stood next to perfection.

steel wheels

There have been so many times in life where the power of the moment has changed me forever. The architecture, music, nature, beauty, and sound all impacted me and those moments are forever etched in my memory. Each time, each place, each experience was made even better standing next to perfection. Thank you Randa for being my perfection and always standing by my side.


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  1. Kay Smith says:

    How nice!!!

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  2. Elizabeth Scott says:

    lovely! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Heck, I did not even get a mention.


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