Thinking about the future, I see hope.

As I return to blogging, I am going to take a less technical approach to my writings. I will still include projects we are working on, technical posts, but also just thoughts from an architect trying to figure out life.
I have been thinking a lot about the state of our nation as we move into the next election cycle. I have asked questions about gun control, prayed about gay rights, wondered what my girls will face and what they will be called as strong-willed confident women, and examined my own motives for decision-making. I admit that I don’t have most of the answers, but I can see how broken we are as a nation.
On the other hand, I can see hope all around us. It is local, it is happening, and it is going to make a difference. That hope rests in those working to respect others. I see it in students working to convert a modular classroom into a zero energy science lab for future students. I see it in Climate Action Alliance of the Valley working for a better future for generations to come. I see it in Meg Carpenter as she volunteers time to raise awareness about affordable housing. I see it at Rotary Club of Rockingham County meetings each week from a room full of people serving their community. I see it in Matt Findley who gives and gives to kids in our community through Harrisonburg Soap Box Derby. I see it in Eastern Mennonite Elementary School allowing students to learn through play, singing, praying, and service. I see it in Randa Moyers Hendricks as she teaches students to ask questions instead of teaching them answers. I see hope all around us through people respecting others as equal humans sharing this one planet.
We need to respect others even if they are young, tattooed, wearing a hoodie, a different color, different social class, different in any way. If we respect each other, we will not do things that hurt, cause pain, or tear down others. This is the hope that I am praying for everyday.
I see hope in this video on a better way to help the next generation by letting them help themselves. Might work for marriages as well.

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