Building a new custom home: how do you figure out who to trust and how to meet your goals?

Building a new custom home is a leap of faith. It is a complicated process that requires trust in your team. There is design, construction, permits, setbacks, easements, rock, weather delays, room sizes, and aesthetics. So how do you get it all done? How do you figure out who to trust and how to meet your goals? How do you get it right?


You ask a lot of questions and interview the team. You also read many blog posts to find out what the architect believes and you read reviews to see what past clients are talking about.


Some questions to get you started in the process are as follows:

  1. What style of home do you want?
  2. What is your comfortable budget?
  3. What is your max budget?
  4. What are your must have wants?
  5. Do you want a custom home or just a new home (custom homes can only be designed by an architect in my experience)
  6. Do you want a home that is energy-efficient, healthy, and durable?
  7. What builder should I use?
  8. Where are you going to build and how will the house fit on the lot?
  9. How big should the house be to achieve your dream?
  10. How will you select everything, tie it all together, meet your budget and schedule, and convey all the decisions to your builder (this is our job, give us a call)?


Be patient, flexible, and try not to let the stress of all the decisions overwhelm you during the process. Having someone who goes through the process every day on your team is a great first step. We are always happy to discuss the process with you, just give us a call.


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