Do you want a custom home or a just a new home?

If you have never built a new home you most likely don’t know where to start. You have probably heard that you can find plans online. You have probably heard you should talk to a builder. You have probably heard you have to be careful because you might get taken advantage of in the process. There are a lot of questions and you really do have to trust a lot of people to give you good answers. It is a complicated process with many steps. There are many unknowns in the beginning of the process. So what questions should you ask when getting started? Who should you trust?

harrisonburg farmhouse

I realize I am biased in this, but you should talk to an architect first. Call or email me your questions, seriously. Everyday we guide people through the process in an organized fashion to help you know who to trust, what questions to ask, and how to protect yourself. The most basic and first question that you should ask is – do you want a custom home or just a new home?


Your goals with a custom home should be different than just a new home. A new home is probably designed first with “re-sale value” in mind. A new home probably has a “few features you don’t need, maybe don’t want” but will be marketable in the future. A new home probably is not designed specifically for you with your life goals, habits, and preferences in mind. A custom home however, has specific features, room sizes, and layouts that you need to enhance your way of life. Rooms are right sized for how you live. Conversations during design for a custom home revolve around your life, not just how big, how much, what color. A custom home will cost you less to build psf than a new home of equal quality. A custom home is adapted to your needs, budget, habits, goals, and future.


If you are thinking about building and you are searching online for a plan, perhaps take a step back and decide if you want just a new home or if you want a custom home. Don’t spend money on “less design” to save money, it only costs you more during construction. Spend time planning out exactly what you want, in other words – Design Matters.

harrisonburg farmhouse

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