We love our building so we put it on a t-shirt

We love our building and love sharing that love with everyone – so we made t-shirts with our logo and a picture of the depot! The art work was created by Stronge Designs. He included a sketch of one of the diesel engines that used to run on the track next to the building as part of the design. The Depot logo featured on the shirt was created by Estland Design that has an office on the second floor along with us. This is the first time we have printed t-shirts for marketing our firm. What do you think? 

tshirt-1tshirt3-1 tshirt-2

Of course t-shirt marketing is not anything new. In fact, our friends at Cheido labs held a cool fundraiser earlier this year. They challenged fans to wear a Cheido shirt in front of their business sign and take a selfie on a particular day and post it to social media. With each post, Cheido made a contribution to support On the Road Collaborative. A great concept to do good in the community, market their business, and have fun!

tshirt-challenge-1 tshirt-challenge-2 tshirt-challenge-3 tshirt-challenge-4 tshirt-challenge-5 tshirt-challenge-6

I wonder what contest we could hold to good in the community and a little marketing? Thoughts?

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