Kindergarten class in Harrisonburg visits architectural office

I love to share my passion for design with as many people as possible.  Over the past couple of months I have given presentations to the Department of Energy for the National Energy Education Development Project, two eighth grade classes at Eastern Mennonite School, an engineering class at the Miller School in Crozet, a packed room at the Massanutten Regional Library Deyerle series,  Shenandoah Valley Railway Club, and a fabulous kindergarten class from Eastern Mennonite Elementary School.

emes-1 emes-2

Why do I spend so much time and energy talking about sustainable architecture with so many groups?  I want to spread my love for sustainable architecture. The idea of sustainable architecture is often not thought about by those outside of the design world. However, without sustainable architecture we lose function and beauty in our built environment. Sustainable architecture is the key to a sustainable future for all of us. Sustainable architecture allows for smaller more functional structures that use fewer resources. Sharing my passion for sustainable architecture will hopefully inspire the next generation of designers and more clients of designers. If you have a community group or class I would love to join you and share my excitement for sustainable architecture.

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