Check out these top blog posts of 2016

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog. I dropped the ball in the middle of year and as a result wrote 137 fewer blogs this year than last. We are still closing in on 19,000 views this year and a total since starting of over 98,000. Here are the top 10 blogs that have been viewed in 2016.

10.  Chesapeake Western Depot Project Update


9.  Chesapeake Western Railroad Depot in Harrisonburg History


8. Remember to clear your outdoor HVAC unit during the snow storm

7. My path to following my heart and building a better community

charles hendricks

6. Another Net-Zero House break ground in Harrisonburg

5. What is the best water heater for efficiency?

4. Home energy tips – ventilation and duct sealing


3. Harmony Square Dairy Queen – possibly the greenest DQ in the country

2. Snow may help identify places you are wasting money

1. The evolution of a sketch and list of ideas into a dream home


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  1. Kay Smith says:

    Good job Charles.

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