Start the new year off right, check these things in your home today

Many people make resolutions for the new year. These often fall by the side of the road as you carry on in a busy life. Here are some changes you can make today that will provide payback through reduced energy bills and increased comfort all year-long.

insulate attic access

Remember to insulate your attic access, it is an exterior door


Sign up for an energy audit


From spiders to caulk, how to save money at home

vented crawl space

Is your crawl space working properly?

electrical outlets

8 steps to an energy-efficient home

insulate attic access

Common problems that you can fix to reduce your energy bills

harrisonburg spray foam

How much insulation should you have in your attic?

fiberglass insulation

You can find air leaks in your thermal envelope by looking at fiberglass insulation


Heating and cooling supply vents are almost never installed right costing you money

electrical outlets

Seal your electrical outlets to improve your home comfort


What is the most critical energy-efficiency product for your home?


10 Tips for renters to reduce their energy bills



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