Speech and Language Center expansion in Harrisonburg continues to make progress

Work continues on the Speech and Language Center in Harrisonburg. The walls are up, the roof is on, and the windows are installed. This site offered a lot of challenges with the existing structure and tight property boundaries. The added space is going to make a huge difference and we were able to get very creative to maximize the expansion. The single slope roof allowed for more space to be created on a new second floor. The vaulted ceilings in the entry space will be filled with light and offer a great first impression to clients coming in the door. speech-and-language-center-2speech-and-language-center-3speech-and-language-center-4

This project is a good example of how design-build works well on specific kinds of projects. We needed to carefully knit this old building together with the new addition. So through the design process the builder, Bryan Nesselrodt Construction, had to do some digging to determine what was there and how it was built. With such a tight site and working with an existing structure that had a lot of unknowns, the team approach with architect and builder on the same page saves the client money.


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