First Carbon Neutral Home in Harrisonburg under construction – project update

Click here for previous project updates on this house.

Click here for previous project updates on this house.

Beck Builders is starting roof framing on Harrisonburg’s first ever Carbon Neutral home. The walls of the house are mostly insulated concrete forms, but a couple of walls needed to be wood framed. In order to achieve a high performance framed wall we worked with the builder to design a system that eliminated thermal bridging and air leakage.


We added high windows for ventilation taking advantage of the chimney stack effect for natural cooling. The ICF walls are completely air tight and offer a high level of insulation value. 


The deck provides incredible views towards the west.


The high windows provide natural light through the living room space. The open floor plan provides ample space for entertaining friends.


This home is setting standards for others to follow literally doing testing and analysis. This information will provide us with data to offer better design for those seeking energy-efficient design solutions.

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  1. Great! Perhaps we can incorporate some of the things learned here in our future house plans.


  2. Yes, we are learning a lot of lessons that we will use to benefit all of our clients.


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