Chesapeake Western Railroad Depot History Display open this Friday from 5pm – 8pm

You are going to want to come visit our office this coming Friday. We host an art opening each month in the hallway outside of our conference room at Gaines Group Architects office (141 W. Bruce St. Suite 201). This month Wendy Custer will join us with an incredible display of her work.


We have also made some great progress on the Chesapeake Western Railroad Depot History Display. We now feature photos of the 101 and 102 engines that started the rail line here in the valley. We have historic photos of the building donated by Neal Menefee on display (reproductions blown up and printed on canvas). We also have many artifacts including switch locks, dated nails, an ash tray from the passenger car, oil can, and lamp. There is also a wood block die that was used for printing marketing material for the CW that basically shows the CW as the key line for rail travel in any direction. There is a notebook of historic postcards, check stubs, shipping tickets, stock certificates, a tribute to Tinky, and a rare picture of the 105.


Also, did you know there was an engine house next door to the CW station? We now have pics of it before and after the explosion on display. You need to come visit us this Friday, May 5th from 5pm – 8pm to enjoy the display, art opening, some food and drink.

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  1. Kay Smith says:

    Thanks Charles. Kay

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